Pronunciation: morr-ghnn

Age: Uncertain as she never reveals her true age. Thought to be in her mid twentys

Gender: female

Date of arrival: June 2nd 2002

Type: Aika Unoss. Molded eyebrows and eyelashes have been removed and she’s had her eyes puttied slightly smaller by me.


About Morrigan: Ever since Morrigan was small she’s loved attention. Be it negative or positive. Where ever she goes all eyes must be on her. She’s shameless and reckless in equal measure. Morrigan can out drink and out fight most men, she smokes like a chimney and swears like a sailor. Men love her because of her free spirited, flirtatious nature but women despise her for these same reasons. Morrigan is a very flirtatious person, she’s always touching people and calling them by pet names even if she doesn’t know them. She draws men to her like a moth to a flame.

It was at club where Morrigan’s life would change. She was flirting with a large group of men getting them to buy her drinks and food like she often would do. She suddenly got the urge to dance so she got up on a table and started to dance, completely diverted attention away from the paid entertainer that was on stage. Unknown to her the owner of the club, Satine, was watching this all of this happen from the corner of the room. She was not happy that the club was starting to loose money because of the antics of this girl. She made her way over when one of the drunken men grabbed her by her arm and pinned her against a wall. Morrigan saw this and without thinking jumped off the table and punched the man in the face, knocking him unconscious. Before she knew what she was doing Satine found herself offering Morrigan a job which she happily accepted.

Morrigan is now one of the most popular girls at Satine’s club and bordello. Despite her bad girl reputation Morrigan has a good heart. She thinks that even though Satine presents a hard and cold exterior she has a good heart too. She’s fallen in love with Satine although its plain to Morrigan that Satine loves Hyde. She only hopes that one day Satine will see that Hyde will never love her but shes loved her all along.

While it seems like Morrigan says whatever crosses her mind and doesn’t hide anything about herself that’s not true. She’s frightened that if Satine was to know the truth she would reject her and Morrigan can’t bear that thought so she hides her love from her. Morrigan flirts with everyone but when she flirts with Satine she half wishes that Satine could really see how she feels about her. Morrigan doesn’t realize it but her flirting with Satine is obviously different than her meaningless flirting with everyone else. No one has the heart to tell Morrigan how obvious she is and that Satine must know of her true feelings because they realize that the rejection would destroy her.


Tasha’s comments: Unoss are just one of those dolls you either love or hate. There sculpt is very stylized and unique. I really love Unoss dolls, giant man hands and all All of the Unoss dolls I had seen before I bought Morrigan were all customized in a very pale girly style. I thought the doll had potential to be very sexy and mature so that is the look I went with for Morrigan. The name Morrigan was suggested to me by a friend and was taken from the succubus character in the game Dark Stalkers.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


Morrigan’s most recent face up. Shes much softer looking than she’s ever been but still sexy. I soft modded her eyes to be smaller which makes her look a lot nicer I think.


While this repaint is technically better than the one before it I wasn’t a big fan of it. I didn’t get chance to repaint her for a while though.


I quite liked Morrigan like this. I repainted her after this because my painting skill had improved.


I wanted to experiment with pink lips on Morrigan.


Purple lips this time.


Scary! This was one of my first trys at painting eyebrows that wernt in a soild line.


Her second face up. I tried giving her some eyeshadow.


Morrigan’s first face up. My painting technique needed a lot of work!


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