Satine and Snuffleupagus?


  1. Julia Says:

    Hello there! My friend is interested in buying this doll Satine, with all the parts. We live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Please, explain the conditions, methods of payments.
    Thank you in advance :)

  2. Tasha Says:

    Hi there! I’m very flattered that your friend likes my doll. I’m afraid she’s not for sale though. I don’t sell my dolls. I only paint heads that people send me. I’d be happy to paint a head for your friend though :)

  3. Prudence Says:

    I really really like ur dolls…all of them…. I wish we could buy them….wonderful and mystic

  4. Eikei Says:

    What the brand of doll ?…
    Ur face-u?p so beautiful and soul..! I totally admire it :3~~!!

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