Migidoll Ryu

Head mold: Migidoll Ryu

Year completed: 2009

Owner: Demivenom

Painted by: airbrush


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  1. PJ Morvant-Alexander Says:

    Your doll work is amazing. The eyes, the lips, very difficult things to do and still have them look moist and alive. I stand in awe.
    I stop by your site almost like clockwork to see what’s new. I have recently decided I would like to have one of these dolls, made to look as close to Heath Ledger as japanimely possible. (circa A Knight’s tale – blonde curls etc)
    I am currently trying to find the right doll, with a head that will lend itself to your coming as close as you can. I don[t expect a stone likeness. I want Heath Japanime’d out.
    I’ve seen these dolls repainted by several people, but never as beautifully as yours.
    Would you consider doing this for me? There is no rush what-so-ever. I’m a senior citizen so I must save up for this.
    Can you suggest a place where I might easily find the dolls reasonably priced online?

    I eagerly await your answer, even if its a ‘no’.


  2. Tasha Says:

    Hi! Ive just sent you an email about this :)

  3. selene Says:

    esta genial…
    la verdad es qeee me enamore de sus muñecass…

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