About commissioning me

  • I’ve been repainting ball jointed dolls since March 2002 and taking repaint commissions since then as well.
  • My work has been featured in the November/December 2005 issue of Haute Doll magazine, the Winter 2007 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine, the October 2008 issue of Doll Reader magazine, the February 2009 issue of Haute Doll magazine and the ball jointed doll book The BJD Orbyrarium.
  • To be added to my update list or enquire about commissions simply send an email to me at If you wish to be added to the update list please provide your email address.

Repaint Info and Pricing

  • My work is done by airbrush, pastels, mica powders, acrylic paints, tamiya gloss and Mr Super Clear sealant.
  • I am able to repaint resin and vinyl ball jointed dolls and similar type dolls. For dolls like Gene, Tyler, 1/6th dollfies, Monster High, etc, please email me to see if I am able and what the cost is.
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.
  • A repaint for most ball jointed type dolls is 100.00$ USD Please inquire if you have a tiny BJD or other type of doll for pricing.
  • I offer 20.00$ USD off my commission fee if you send me a full can of Mr Super Clear FLAT (not gloss etc)
  • I am able to do some facial modifications. For example eye opening, forehead reduction, cheek slimming etc. Please contact me to see if I am able to do what you require and for pricing.
  • I am able to do some scaring, tattoos etc. Please email me for to see if I am able and what the pricing is.
  • I am occasionally able to do some body work like torso, hands and feet body blushing. Please inquire for pricing and details.
  • I am able to do piercings. One hole is 5$. For facial piercings the price will depend upon what you want done and if you want me to make the jewelry (generally I charge 10$) I am unable to make complicated jewelry. Only things like silver studs and silver hoops.
  • There is no charge for old face up removal unless there is serious staining or something. If this is the case I will contact you and we can discuss options.
  • I do not supply the doll for repainting. You must send me the head.
  • I will not copy another artist’s work. I have my own style. I will provide a detailed form for you to fill out on exactly how you want your doll to look. You will be able to describe the look of your doll from this form. I have no problem if you send me a pic of a doll for color examples but I will not copy other peoples painting styles so please keep this in mind if you send me reference pics.
  • My turn around varies from 2 weeks to a month. Tho things largely depend upon the complexity of the work being done, the weather and my health. I live in Canada and the weather tends to be pretty damp, cold or humid so sometimes it takes me a while to find a nice day to coat a head. This weather also plays havoc with my airbrush. I appreciate your understanding if delays occur.
  • Repaints come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed and dated on the inside of the head.
  • I supply the eyelashes unless you have a specific type of eyelashes in mind. If this is the case you must send me the lashes. I tend to stock your basic light brown and black eyelashes.
  • I will show you pictures of your doll once I have completed work. I then will wait for your ok to ship. Because of my painting process I usually don’t supply in progress pictures unless asked because its a many staged process and things in stages can look very different than at the end.
  • If there is a feature not to your liking after I show you final pictures I may be able to change it. However it is unlikely so please do your best when describing how you want your doll painted. If you are not happy with your dolls make ups at the end and want them changed there is a 75$ fee to fully repaint the head and I will get it redone as soon as possible.
  • I work in a smoke fee, pet controlled environment. If you happen to get a stray cat hair in your package from me consider it a gift from my awesome kitties :3
  • I set my prices by how long it takes me to paint and how much my supplies cost me. It takes me many hours to complete a head and supply’s like Mr Super Clear are hard to find and expensive.
  • I do not offer refunds or cancellations if you have already paid due to the custom nature of this work. I will do what I can to make you happy though.

Shipping Info

  • I am located in Canada
  • Unfortunately I get taxed on all package coming to me marked over 20$ value so I ask that people ship heads to me marked as 20$ value. If the doll is lost coming from you to me then you can only recover 20.00$ Please keep this in mind. You are welcome to send heads to me marked at full value but you will be required to pay the tax which can be expensive and I have no way of knowing how expensive until I receive the customs bill.
  • I will ship internationally. International shipping price will be determined after I receive the doll from you and I can weigh and measure the box to figure out shipping. Once the shipping cost is determined I will let you know the total and you can pay me.
  • Shipping a doll head (full dolls will cost extra) to the USA is 25.00$ USD by Expedited Parcel and takes around 14 business days to arrive. For other shipping methods please inquire.
  • I insure each head sent from me to the USA for 300$ CAD unless more insurance is requested. 100$ CAD of insurance is 1.00$ USD. The max I can insure one package for is 1000$ CAD. For international insurance please inquire.
  • I am NOT responsible for packages lost either coming to me or being sent from me. I will do what I can to help you claim insurance should something be lost. I send and receive hundreds of packages and haven’t had many troubles.

Payment Info

  • I accept payment by Paypal.
  • Payment is due before I start working on your doll and any owing shipping costs are to be paid before I ship your doll back.
  • I am willing to work for part trade, part cash or full trades for certain items. Please email me with your trade offer. I like many types of dolls and toys, books, tea, handmade soaps ect. Don’t feel afraid to me an offer, the worst I can say is no :happy:



  • If you have any questions or want to commission me email me at It can take me a few days to get back to you so please be patient.
  • If I am able to accept your commission I will email you with a link to fill out a form on how to paint your doll.
  • Please try to be patient with me. Sometimes due to real life situations and health reasons I am a little slow but I will do my best for you.
  • I know there is a lot to read on this page and I might come off a bit harsh but I’m not actually a hard person to deal with I just want to make this as smooth and stress free as possible for both of us. :3

Thanks for reading! :heart: