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Volks Dollfie

Head mold: Volks 1/6 dollfie

Year completed: 2011

Owner: Nicky

Painted by: acrylics

Request: dark burgandy lips, blue shadow, red eyes and darker red brows.

Additional notes:


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1/6 Neo Go Dollfie

Head mold: Volks Neo Go Dollfie head

Year completed: 2010

Owner: Raymond

Painted by: acrylics and pastel

Request: one green eye, one golden eye, brown brows and nude/brownish lips

Additional notes: This head has also had it’s hair cut/styled by me


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Obitsu 1/6 03 head

Head mold: Obitsu 1/6th 03 head

Year completed: 2009

Owner: Silas

Painted by: acrylic/pastel

Request: pink lips and blue eyes.

Additional notes:


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1/6 Neo Go Guy Dollfie

Head mold: 1/6 Neo Go Guy Dollfie

Year completed: 2007

Owner: JoAnn

Painted by: acrylic paint


Additional notes: hair styling and piercings were also done by me.


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1/6 Unola

Head mold: 1/6 Unola

Year completed: 2006

Owner: Rose

Painted by: pastel

Request: Rose let me paint this Unola head however I wanted

Additional notes: Unolas ae very tiny so I took a picture of the head next to a quarter for size reference


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