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Pronunciation: aay-din

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Date of arrival: February 19th 2003

Type: Volks FCS SD13 boy with old number F28 head


About Aiden: Aiden is Satine’s younger brother. Satine took Aiden and ran away from home when they were very young. Their only living parent, their drunken father, either never noticed or just didn’t care that they were missing. After sometime on their own they met up with the mysterious and very rich Hyde and he took them in and gave Satine a job. In thanks Satine gave the only thing she cared about, her little brother, to Hyde. Aiden then became Hyde’s "pet". Despite the fact the Hyde and Aiden share a very strange relationship Aiden is hopelessly in love with Hyde. Hyde takes very good care of ‘his’ Aiden giving him anything he could possibly want. Hyde however has a vicious temper and is terribly possessive of Aiden. In moments of rage Hyde is often physically abusive to Aiden but Aiden claims he understands why Hyde acts this way and forgives him for the abuse.


Tasha’s comments: Aiden was my first BJD boy. Of all my dolls I’m probably the most attached to him. I used to draw a lot and Aiden was based on a character of mine that I liked to draw years ago. He’s evolved a lot over time however. When I first drew him he was a red head called Adrian.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)

I didnt much care for the lips and eyeshadow on Aidens last repaint so I redid him. I also puttied his eyes to be smaller and more sultry looking.


Aidens 5th face up. His expression is a little more mature than before. I used to try to keep him a bit innocent looking but this time I didnt bother so much with that.


4th try. I rather liked him like this but his lips had an accident so I repainted him again.


3rd try at Aidens make up.


My first try at repainting him. Pretty scary!


This is how Aiden arrived from Volks. Volks didn’t paint him how I requested but that was fine because I intended on repainting him anyhow.

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Snape & Aiden

These are a just a few shots from my 2007 Snarry Games entry.

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Aiden & Satine

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