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Pronunciation: dee-trik

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Date of arrival: March 19th 2007

Type: Custom House Gene


About Dietrich: Dietrich is a man consumed by his need for knowledge. He is meticulous, currious and because of his up bring, or lack their of, he offends people regularly with his frank and often cutting manor of speaking. As a boy he would spend hours reading books on anatomy, chemistry and engineering. At an early age he began to perform autopsy’s on dead animals he found in the woods near his home. Out of need he began creating devices to help him preform autopsy’s and experiments on his subjects. He became very good with mechanical devices. Gradually Dietrich began to search for live animals and then human beings on which to preform his experiments. He was a very much a strange and solitary boy who grew into a strange and solitary man.

Dietrich became well known for his brilliance in medicine. Many would call him a fiendish butcher from hell however, saying that the human body was not meant to be treated in the manor Dietrich treats them. People grew suspicious of the many disappearances of the villagers near where he lived. This distrust led to persecution of Dietrich. Fortunately for him he met Hyde before he was murdered by angry villagers. Hyde makes no qualms about the way Dietrich treats people or how many people he has killed and will kill in the name of science. All Hyde asks in return for his protection and the use of his laboratory is that he discovers a cure to Elizabeta’s illness.


Tasha’s comments: When Custom House first came out with Gene I didnt like him at all. I remember thinking after he first came out he was probably the ugliest doll Id seen. However after seeing many pics of him he started to grow on me and for a few years I had a serious love/hate relationship with the Gene head mold. At times I wanted one very badly (though I didnt have a character in mind for him) and othertimes I didnt like him at all. Eventualy Custom House stopped selling the Gene head mold and put out a simmaler boy to replace him that in my opinion lacked the original Genes quirky charm. It was then and after seeing a Gene in person I decided I really had to have a Gene. I hadent seen one for sale in a while and I felt so sad that I had lost my chance at getting a Gene but luckily I found one for sale and I was able to bring Dietrick home. Its strange to me how I can go from not liking a doll at all to being totaly in love with it. This doll hobby has taught me time and time again to never say never.


Previous Incarnations

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This is Dietrichs one and only look so far. Not sure what I was going for with it. I plan to redo him soon.