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Pronunciation: eee-din

Age: 28

Gender: Hermaphrodite, though living as a female.

Date of arrival: July 12, 2008

Type: Unoa Zero Marion face plate on Fairyland Feeple girl body


About Eden:Eden is the eldest child of a powerful clairvoyant woman. A woman well known to all their fellow Gypsy’s for her talents. She herself was the daughter of a powerful seer and so on and so forth, all throughout their bloodline. It was expected that Eden, like all others born into this family would be female and also have these powers when she came of age. Eden, however, was not like all her descendants. It was true that she has the gifts of a seer but she was also born with both female and male characteristics. A sign the others in her tribe were taught would bring great evil.

Edens mother knew that once Eden came of age and it became apparent that she was not all that she seemed to be that people would kill her to rid themselves of the supposed evil. She knew what she had to do. She sent her only child away to live with Hyde who had been a friend of her family for hundreds of years.

Though Eden is technically speaking both male and female she lives her life as a woman and no one is the wiser. She currently works as an entertainer at Satines brothel where she sings to earn her keep. She is well known for her beautiful singing voice. Hyde also makes use of her clairvoyant powers. Other than her mother, Hyde is the only one who knows of Edens powers.


Tasha’s comments: I was offerd Edens head in a trade and I love Unoas be they 1/6th scale or 70cm so I happily accepted. Unoa Zeros heads are done by face plate system so I had to make the back of her head to attach to a body. It was a lot of work to make and isnt very pretty but its always coverd by a wig and works well. It took me a while to figure out Edens backstory/personality. I always felt like there was something a little manish about Eden and when a friend noticed it without my mentioning it thats when I decided she definitely had to be a hermaphrodite. (Thanks Luke! ) I’d been wanting to do a doll like this for a while but wasn’t sure what doll to do it with so I was glad everything worked out.


Previous Incarnations

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I wasn’t sure who Eden was when I painted her so I just winged it and ended up with this.