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Gabriel and Samara

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Age: 17

Gender: male

Date of arrival: January 8th 2007

Type: LE Customhouse Anniversary Han


About Gabriel: Gabriel is one of many servants at Mayfair Manor. When he was just 7 years old he was sold to Hyde as a laborer. His family was very poor and felt they had no other choice but to sell Gabriel as he the the oldest boy in the family and the only one capable of doing the hard work required of him. Since arriving at the Manor his job has been to tend to the large stable of horses. He loves animals very much so this work suited him just fine.

From the moment Gabriel met Mouse he’s loved her. He is however far too shy to tell her so. He also feels he is far to poor and common for a lady of her status. Little does he know Mouse loves him too.


Tasha’s comments: I feel very, very fortunate that I have Gabriel. When he was released he was very limited and like other dolls in my collection I didn’t realize until he was long sold out how much I loved the mold. There’s just something about his face I adore! He makes me think of a cat for some reason


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)

I finally caved and painted Gabriel myself. Theres things about this make up I dont like as well as his old face up but he definitely fits in with my other dolls better now. Overall Im glad he still feels like Gabriel to me.


This is the face up that Gabriel arrived with. It was done by an artist at Custom House. I love it but I know one day I will end up repainting him. I just get an itch to paint my dolls myself and theres a look I have in mind for him. I hope he will look as nice when I am done!

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Head mold: Gabriel

Year completed: 2007

Owner: Kasita

Painted by: pastel

Request: dark brown eyebrows, pink lips and light eyeshadow with a cute, currious, expression

Additional notes:


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