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Pronunciation: hi-pay-sha

Age: unknown

Gender: Female

Date of arrival: 2006 though she was Gumbles untill 2010

Type: Luts Event Head Na Nu Ri original version. Modded to hell by me

About Hypatia: pending

Background story: pending

Comments: pending


Previous Incarnations:

(most recent to oldest)

I wasnt sure how I wanted to paint this girl so I ended up with this. Shes rockin some power brows.


Before Hypatia was modded this heavily she was a boy called Gumbles.

Gumbles Gallery



Help name Gumbles

I wasn’t sure what to call Gumbles when I first got him so what started as a joke ended up as his name. I think it suits him with his prankster personality though. From there friends have added some names to his middle name so now Ive decided that anyone can add on to his name. To suggest a middle name for him just post a reply here and as long as it isn’t completely offensive and I’ll add it when I next update. Help me make Gumbles have the weirdest, longest, most lulzy name ever! Lets give this guy a run for his money!


Gumbles name so far:

Sir Gumbles P Squiggles Fernandez BoomBoom Jalapeno Ancho McJagger Candystarr Hackinbottom Colbert Englebert Vincenzo Bobo Nipple Widgit McTittys Jr


Name Credits:

Bobo – Nikita2471
Englebert – Nikita2471
BoomBoom – Nikita2471
Vincenzo – Astrosnik
Sir & Jr – Lorios
McJagger – Unoa_im_afreak
Fernandez – Shannon
Jalapeno – Embee
Ancho – Embee
Candystarr – Demivenom
Nipple Widgit – Haverstock
Hackinbottom – Naros




Pronunciation:gum-buls (more about his name here)

Age: 17

Gender: male

Date of arrival: April 21st 2007 (though I actually recieved him in spring 2006, Gumbles wasnt created and finished untill April 2007)

Type: Luts Event Head Na Nu Ri (First version. Nose, mouth and cheeks modded by me)


About Gumbles: Gumbles, who’s real name is unknown to all except Mouse and Gabriel, was the product of a short lived affair. His mother was beautiful but poor and served drinks at a dingy pub to earn a living. One night she met a handsome, rich gentleman who began to show her much attention. It was well known that she had never been with any man and that she did not trust men at all being raised as she was and having worked in a place where men were, in her opinion, no better than pigs. The handsome gentleman began to send her huge bouquets of roses every day, bought her expensive jewelry and clothes and would spend hours at the pub talking with her and reciting beautiful poetry. He promised to take her away from her dreary life and eventually she fell in love with him.

Believing her luck to have finally turned around she agreed to marry the man. He convinced her to meet him at a inn on the edge of town from where they would run away and be married. Finally, having her alone, the man showed his true colors. He never planned to marry her. He only wanted to be the first to bed her. She tried to flee when she found out the truth but the man held her down and raped her. Having accomplished his goals he threw some money at her feet. He left her there, clothes torn and crying.

After finding out she was pregnant she was determined to find the man and demand he acknowledge his child. She knew she did not have enough money to raise him well but she knew the man was rich and surely he would want to help his own flesh and blood even thought he was so cruel to her. She managed to track him down shortly after she gave birth and discovered that not only was he very rich indeed but he already had a wife and 5 young daughters. She wrote a letter to the man planning to deliver it to him the next day however the man had already found out about the child and knew it to be his. If she came forward his marriage and his career would be over so he had her killed. The baby was dumped on the steps of an orphanage.

Gumbles went in and out of foster homes and orphanages until he was 11. Growing up this was he always dreamed of more. He would sneak in to the tents at the local circus and spend hours watching the acts, admiring the bright colors and excitement of it all. Owing to a life of hard labor and all the hours spent admiring the contortionists at circus, he became quite a skilled at twisting his body around into poses and things other could only imagine. This skill and his spunky personality won over the ring leader and he was given a job. He did well at the circus and won many fans and friends there.

He traveled the world with that circus, collecting nicknames and adding them to his ever growing stage name. He was very happy until the day he recieved a strange letter in the mail from a supposed friend of his dead mother. It contained the letter she had written to his father and written on it in large bold letters was ‘HE KILLED HER.’ Anger consumed him and he decided it was time to return home. He would find the man who killed his mother. From the letter and some help from his friends he’s collected many clues but still does not know the mans identity. It would no doubt be a shock to Gumbles and his dear and long time friend Mouse to know that she is much more than his best friend. She is also his half sister. Her father is the man who killed his mother 16 years ago.


Tasha’s comments: Gumbles is an event head I got from when I bought some things from them. When I had first seen the Na Nu Ri head mold I didnt like it and I had planned to mod and sell both event heads that I got from eluts. When the heads came in the mail there was just something about the mold I found endearing so I decided to keep one. It took me almost a year to get Gumbles modded and painted because I had so many projects going at once.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)

I repainted Gumbles because his mouth was bugging me. Now that Ive done it Im not sure if I like this new version as well even if his mouth is painted a lot better than it was. IRL this version looks better but doesn’t photograph as well as the old one.


This is Gumbles first and only face up so far. He’s been modded a lot because I wasn’t keen on his mouth and nose that he came with. I painted him some teeth which I plan to redo because I feel they look a bit weird how I did them. I still plan to keep him with teeth in the future tho. Im one of few people who really like dolls with teeth!