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Help name Gumbles

I wasn’t sure what to call Gumbles when I first got him so what started as a joke ended up as his name. I think it suits him with his prankster personality though. From there friends have added some names to his middle name so now Ive decided that anyone can add on to his name. To suggest a middle name for him just post a reply here and as long as it isn’t completely offensive and I’ll add it when I next update. Help me make Gumbles have the weirdest, longest, most lulzy name ever! Lets give this guy a run for his money!


Gumbles name so far:

Sir Gumbles P Squiggles Fernandez BoomBoom Jalapeno Ancho McJagger Candystarr Hackinbottom Colbert Englebert Vincenzo Bobo Nipple Widgit McTittys Jr


Name Credits:

Bobo – Nikita2471
Englebert – Nikita2471
BoomBoom – Nikita2471
Vincenzo – Astrosnik
Sir & Jr – Lorios
McJagger – Unoa_im_afreak
Fernandez – Shannon
Jalapeno – Embee
Ancho – Embee
Candystarr – Demivenom
Nipple Widgit – Haverstock
Hackinbottom – Naros


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