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Pronunciation: hide (as in hide and seek)

Age: Physicaly about 29 but real age is unknown

Gender: male

Date of arrival: Febuary 9th 2004

Type: Volks SD13 FCS (old system) F29 boy. His lips have been modded by me to loose the smirk F29’s have.


About Hyde:  Not much is known about Hyde even though everyone knows of him. He is well known because he is very rich, very powerful and owns many manors, castles and businesses all over the world. He is incredibly smart and suave and many people who know him say he has an almost hypnotic effect on them. They find themselves doing pretty much anything he wants and wanting to be in his presence all the time. Because of this, his mysterious past and the fact that those who are get on his bad side tend to disappear, many people think hes evil or even the devil himself though no one has any proof of his supposed crimes.

Hyde is, in actuality, a vampire and is hundreds of years old. While he is definitely not the nicest man he isn’t evil either. He does have a violent streak and is considered a sadist but he also has a very caring side, even if it is tinted with possessiveness. He generally considers people to be objects to be used how he sees fit but those he loves he loves deeply and forever. He would do anything for them. It was because of this deep love for someone that he became a vampire in the first place. He sold his soul to the devil to keep the one he loved out of hell and in return he was doomed to walk the earth forever taking lives as a reminder of the one he lost.


Tasha’s comments: Hyde is one of my more difficult dolls. Probably because he is a key character in my dolls background stories and as a character has had a background story, along with Aiden, that was in my head years before I started with dolls. I ordered him at a time when Volks, who were pretty much the only doll company around, just started coming with male dolls and there were only a few head mold choices. I love the old system F29 head mold but it still wasn’t quite Hyde. He went through many repaints over the years, some facial modification and some angst on my part over whether or not to get a doll I thought suited him better but in the end this head has come to suit him best and I cant imagine changing him now.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)

This is how Hyde currently looks. Its pretty girly but somehow suits him. I’d like to redo his lips sometime soon. He was painted before I started with airbrush so Id like to do his make ups with my airbrush now too.


At the time I liked his eyes but his lips were too lipstick like in person.


A redo of his last look.


I had liked this but I found him way too sad looking.


Experimanting with his make ups.


I had soooo much trouble trying to figure out how to paint him.


I was trying to paint him to go with his FCS wig and eyes but I wasn’t feeling them or this look for him.


This is how Volks FCS artists painted him. I asked for a specific look but they pretty much didn’t do what I asked (their artists are much better with requests now!) which was ok because I planned to paint him myself. This look totally did not suit Hyde so I wiped him off about 5 mins after he came out of the box!

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Satine & Hyde

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