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Kira and the spider

I love spiders and every fall the Garden spiders here are huge! I’d been meaning to do a photoshoot using a spider since I got Kira and when I found this big female outside I carefully collected her for this photoshoot. She wasn’t harmed at all and I set her free afterwards. She was a very well behaved gentle spider!





Pronunciation: keer-ah

Age: 12 when she died

Gender: female

Date of arrival: March 7th 2002

Type: Volks original SD10 Kira with L2 (long type) legs. Kira’s face has has her cheeks sanded down to be a bit thinner by me.


About Kira: Kira was the last born descendant of the noble family who built Mayfair Manor. Kira’s mother went insane after giving birth to her believing her to be possessed by demons. She tried to drown the baby but was caught before succeeding. Knowing the shame that the mother would bring to the well respected family Kira’s father locked away in the attic and told everyone she died in child birth. As Kira grew she, like all of the staff at the manor knew she must never enter the attic, though no one knew why. One day she thought she heard her name being called from one of the upstairs rooms. Kira crept up the stairs and heard scratches coming from behind the attic door. Unlocking it with a key she had stolen she entered. The attic was huge and empty except for a bed and what appeared to be a large doll tucked into a corner. She walked over to it and saw the doll looked exactly like her. Frightened but entranced she moved to touch it but something grabbed her leg and yanked her under the bed. She screamed and as her mother gleefully began to bash her skull against the floor while choking the life from her, she stared into the eyes of the strange doll. They seemed to glow.

It wasn’t until many, many after Kira’s father died and Hyde had taken over Mayfair Manor that people found the doll in the attic. It was covered in dust and obviously never moved in ages. The doll made any one that set eyes on it extremely uneasy and it was thrown out in the trash by one of the maids. The next day to the shock of all who had seen it the first day and known of its disposal, it appeared again only in another room of the manor and there was what appeared to be fresh red blood dripping from its mouth, nose and eyes. Shocked at this the maid who had thrown the doll out believed one of the other staff was playing a cruel joke on her. She confronted the ones whom she thought were responsible and then took a hammer to the dolls face, shattering it. The doll was thrown out again. Two days later it was back again only this time it was found in the maids room, its face restored. The maid was found lying on the floor, her limbs contorted and her face crushed inward.

After trying to dispose of the doll many times over the years only to have anyone involved in its attempted disposal found dead, no one bothers it any more. Occasionally people are startled finding it has moved to another room but after so many years of this people are used to it. They close off the room the doll is in until it has moved on to another. Sometimes the doll doesn’t move for years at a time and other times it can be found in various positions, in different rooms of the manor all within minutes. No one has seen it move on its own even after all these years but it is clear that this doll has a life of it own and that disturbing it would be fatal.


Tasha’s comments: Kira was my first BJD. I ordered her way back in 2001 when the only BJD’s around were Volks first SD10 girls (the 4 sisters girls, Nono, Mimi and Rio). Even though there are hundreds of choices of BJD’s now, if I was to do it all over again I’d still choose an the original old bodied SD10 Kira as my first.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


Kiras most recent faceup. Her first airbrushed one. Im happy with it.


Kira’s current make up. Im actually in the process of her painting her again. Not that I didn’t like her this way. Its just time for a update.


Kira looked like this for a long time. I really liked her this way. She just seemed so pale like this and it suited her. My painting style and skills improved so I eventually repainted her.


She stayed like this for a while.


Much better than my first attempt!


My first doll repaint! Scary!


This is how Kira came painted from Volks. Sometimes I wish I left her like this because I get such a nostalgic, happy feeling looking at pics of her like this.



Kira’s 5th Birthday