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The Kittens


Age: Appear to be in there 20’s however are only 19 months old in reality.

Gender: Both are male

Date of arrival: Both arrived June 30th 2006

Type: Both are Orientdoll Il boys.


About the kittens: The kittens were once just that. Kittens. They used to spend their days wandering around Mayfair Manor, getting into mischeif and acting as kittens do. One day the entered a room full of old things and saw a beautiful necklace hooked over the arm of a chair. The breeze from an open window made it sway back and forth just a little. The red stone of the pendant twinkled in the light. The movement of it was too tempting for the kittens so they started to bat it around with their paws, eventually pulling it free from the chair. The necklace fell to the floor and the beautiful red stone shattered. An eerie glow surrounded the pieces and a loud popping sound could be heard. The next thing they knew the kittens were no longer kittens but humans!

Even though the kittens look human apart from their cat ears and tails they are still largely think and act like cats. They hiss at people, jump on everything and get into play fights. They love bits of string and chasing each other through the manor. Usually if there not making a mess or being terrors they’re curled up together napping in the sun.

When the kittens were actual kittens they used to have names. Fluffy and Mittens they were called. When they became human and learned the little bit of english they know they decided that anyone who dared to call them the completely ridiculous names of Fluffy and Mittens would be scratched and bitten. People simply call them ‘The Kittens’ now which in their view is just fine.


Tasha’s comments: Id wanted to do twin cat boy dolls for a while but it took quite some time for 2 dolls to really stick out as being the kittens to me. As soon as I saw the Orientdoll Il boys I knew I had found my kittens.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


I wanted the kittens to look pretty much the same but have different eyecolors. Im quite happy with the kittens. I just wish their eyes weren’t so hard to put in! They have very tiny heads and take 10mm eyes.

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The Kittens


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