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Pronunciation: liz

Age: 15

Gender: female

Date of arrival: September 29 2008

Type: Luts dreaming Soo head (mods by Allindsey)


About Liz: Elizabeta or Liz as everyone knows her as, was born with a terrible curse. Her great, great, great, great, great grandmother lived in a place where a powerful witch also lived. The witch demanded that everyone slaughter not only animals in her honor but their first born daughters in her name. To not do this was to invoke the wrath of the witch. When Elizabeta’s grandmother refused to kill her daughter the witch placed a dark cure on the family. Every single one of her descendants were doomed to die from a terrible disease. A disease that would slowly turn their insides to rot, oozing out of every hole in their bodies until they were dead. Each generation was to die at progressively younger and younger ages until their bloodline could no longer continue and the family died out. Elizabeta is the last remaining descendant and has already begun to show symptoms of the disease.

Fortunately for Liz her great grandmother met Hyde when she was just a young woman herself. The two became lovers and as she lay dieing he swore he would stop at nothing to stop the curse from killing her and her family. Hyde was not able to stop the curse from killing Elizabeta’s great grandmother but since the day he made the promise he has never stopped looking for the cure. His last hope to keep his word lies with Elizabeta.

Hyde treats Liz as if she was his own daughter, doting on her and lavishing her with gifts and attention. As much as he cares for her, he is more determined to end the curse to keep his promise. In his determination he makes her endure all manor of torturous experimentation’s devised by his undoubtedly genius, but decidedly mad scientist/doctor, Dietrich. Because of these experiments Liz is often hooked up to various medical devices and is usually confined to bed because she is so weak. Despite all of this Liz is a very sweet and loving girl who dreams of living a long life and becoming a mother.


Tasha’s comments: Liz’s head was an unexpected gift from the very sweet and generous Allindsey aka Elysion Gear. I am so lucky and fortunate to have Liz! Massive hugs and thank yous to Ally!


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