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Pronunciation: mezz-ahh-nee

Age: Physicaly about 16 but really is about 90 years old

Gender: female

Date of arrival: Jan 10th 2005

Type: Anais head on SD13 Nana body


About Mezzanine: Mezzanine was born in the country and lived happily with her mother, father, brothers and sisters in a small cottage on the river for 16 years. One day Mezzanine was sent to town on an errand for her mother when she came upon a handsome man who asked her for directions. She was taught never to talk to strangers but something about this man made her forget her worries. The man introduced himself as Hyde and the two chatted for a while. As Mezzanine drew near he became entranced by her beauty and sweetness. Hyde, being a vampire, had planned to kill the girl and drink her blood but he was so taken with her that he decided he couldn’t kill her. He would instead make her one of his own. A vampire.

When Hyde took away Mezzanine’s mortal life he also took with it her memory. He decided to tell the girl that they were siblings. He told her many lies as to why she couldn’t remember her life before that day and as to why she must drink blood in secret and she, being trusting in nature, believed them all.

Hyde gave Mezzanine everything she could possibly want. He had her schooled by the finest painters and musicians in the country until she was an expert in fine arts. She became fluent in 9 different languages and she was taught etiquette until she could pass as the most proper of well bread ladies. Mezzanine truly was given the very finest clothes and education money could buy. Hyde made sure Mezzanine was a guest at the most lavish and prestigious events in the country. Most people came to believe her to be a princess of some far off land. She was adored by all who knew her.

As Hyde often does, he grew bored with his perfect doll like ‘sister’ and eventually stopped giving her the attention she was used to. He stopped allowing her out of the manor to go to party’s. He eventually stopped paying any attention to her at all. Mezzanine is still given the finest of everything but never personally by Hyde. Her army of servants are well instructed to keep her presentable in case she is ever needed. To Hyde Mezzanine has become just another treasure he keeps stored away gathering dust. After living like this for so long Mezzanine realizes that her time with him is finished. Her sweet personality is now cold, hateful and haughty. She has become ruthless in her pursuit of blood, delighting in tormenting her victims before killing them.

Tasha’s comments: When the Anais head mold first came out I didn’t really care for it. Then I was commissioned to paint one for someone and the moment I took off her default make up I fell in love with the mold and knew I’d have to get one. If you are wondering why on earth I’d name a doll Mezzanine, I named her after my favorite CD by Massive Attack


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)

Mezz’s last face up was bugging me so much I was about to redo it and sell the Anais head for a better suiting head mold. I decided in a last ditch effort to like her to add a bit to her old face up. Now I like her! I had painted her lips too thin before and they eyes I had in her didnt suit her. Now I love her again.


I finally got around to repainting Mezzanine with my airbrush. Im really not feeling this look tho


This is Mezzanine’s first face up. Im currently working on another one for her.