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Vampire dark elf Soo

Head mold: Vampire dark elf Soo

Year completed: 2015

Owner: Sarah

Painted by: airbrush

Request: red lips, smokey shadow, black brows

Additional notes: eyes were opened more by me



Vampire dark elf Soo

Head mold: Vampire elf Soo

Year completed: 2015

Owner: Lisa

Painted by: airbrush

Request: medium grey brows with dark lashes, pink lips

Additional notes: eyes have been modded open by me to look more like a standard soo



Head mold: Lishe

Year completed: 2011

Owner: Jess

Painted by: airbrush

Request: black brows and lashes, nude lips, purple shadow at outside corner fading to white

Additional notes: eye were opened by me


Johnny Depp Minimee

Head mold: Johnny Depp Minimee

Year completed: 2010

Owner: April

Painted by: airbrush

Request: April requested this head to be painted like Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland.

Additional notes: I airbrushed the head white and modded the mouth to have teeth. April sent me white eyelashes for this head that I accented with white paint to stand out more. I also painted the hands to look like the Mad Hatters in the movie.


Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter


I edited this pic to have green eyes like the Mad Hatters since I didn’t have any that looked like that



Head mold: Soom Cuprit

Year completed: 2010

Owner: Lyderic

Painted by: airbrush

Request: teal brows, pink lips and teal shadow

Additional notes: Lyderic requested a slight lip mod, a lip ring, teal tipped ears and sent me referance pics for the tattoos.