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Pronunciation: mouse (like the animal)

Age: 19

Gender: female

Date of arrival: June 24 2008

Type: Fairyland Event Head Na Nu Ri (Third version)


About Mouse: Willamina Francis Goodwill, better known as Mouse to her friends, is the youngest of 5 sisters. She was born into a wealthy family who’s main interest is going to fancy parties and showing off their wealth. Mouse is quite different than the rest of her family. She is quiet, studious and has no interest in being rich. Years of her parents trying to mold her into the perfect lady like her elder sisters has only made her more determined not to be like them.

Since Mouse was little shes been living a double life. Her family only sees her as a dull and meek girl but in reality shes one of the best welders in the country. Shes an accomplished inventor and even has her own workshop. There are very few people who know of Mouse’s double life. Her best friend Gabriel is one of them. While most people find Mouse odd, Gabriel wouldn’t change her quirky personality for anything.


Tasha’s comments: Mouse’s head was given free to me from a Fairyland event. I hadn’t intended on keeping it but I fell in love with the head once I got it and Mouse was born.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


This is so far Mouses only look. Shes got light freckles across her nose. I wanted her to be a red head but I have to get her a better wig

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I was in the process of giving Mouse a haircut when I snapped this pic. She’s actually wearing a plastic bag to catch the hair.

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