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I was experimenting with my new lens


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Pronunciation: nee-na

Age: 16

Gender: female

Date of arrival: September 25th 2003

Type: Alchemiclabo Unoa Lusis


About Nena: Very few people know about Nena’s past and where she came from. Most just believe she appeared one day at the manor out of no where. No one really questioned her being there because she is the picture of innocence. When people are around her they get an overwhelming feeling to protect her. Bhindi particularly feels this. She never lets Nena out of her sight and would defend her to the death.

Nena never speaks Hyde is the only one who knows the truth about why. He bought Nena from an insider at The Midnight Society. They had been injecting her with various illegal chemicals in an attempt to create a person with some kind of super human abilities. Hyde only managed to convince the man he knew on the inside to sell her to him because they felt the experiments were a failure. Since the girl couldn’t speak and the chemicals wiped her memories away they knew she wouldn’t be able to tell the world of the horrors of what they had done to her.

What most people, even Hyde, don’t know is that Nena can communicate with people if she wishes to and she’s recovering her memory. She is able to speak only in a whisper and she only chooses to talk to Bhindi. Bhindi, who feels her reason on earth is to protect her "angel" Nena, would never tell a soul Nena can speak, however little she is able. If The Midnight Society found out the truth they would surely kill her.

Luckily she has Hyde and Bhindi on her side. Nena is never without Bhindi and usually can be found cuddled up next to her, holding her hand.


Tasha’s comments: I’ve been a huge fan of Gentaro Arakis work for a long time. He’s such an incredibly talented sculptor! I particularly love the way he sculpts hands and the female body. I love my Unoss (Morrigan) so I was so excited when I saw he was making more dolls (the Unoas). I knew the moment I saw them that I would have to get a Lusis and a Sist. I love all my dolls pretty much equally but I admit I ‘play’ with Nena and Bhindi the most. There size is just a lot of fun to handle and they somehow look great no matter how there posed.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


Nena’s most recent faceup. Her expersion is sexier than it has been in the past but other than that I quite like it. Next time I will paint her cuter.


I really liked Nena like this. She stayed painted like this for years so it was time for a change.


I liked this look but I wasn’t happy with the eyebrows.


I hated the lip color and eyeshadow.


Scaryness! At least I figured out here that her dominating color would be pink.


Nena’s first scary face up!

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Nena (and Angel kitty)

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