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Souldoll Isabel

Head mold: Souldoll Isabel

Year completed: 2017

Owner: Funerals

Painted by: airbrush

Request: dark smokey makeup, crimson lips, tattoos as requested.

Additional notes: tattoo work, bodyblushing and nipple piercings all done by me :3



Head mold: Amelia boy

Year completed: 2011

Owner: Jane

Painted by: airbrush

Request: a twin to another Amelia boy I painted that Jane owns with the tattoo and piercing on the opposite side. Smokey eyes, nude lips, black brows and lashes.

Additional notes: eye mods were not done by me.



Head mold: Elijah

Year completed: 2010

Owner: Liv

Painted by: airbrush

Request: orange and blue shadow, black brows, nude lips

Additional notes: Liv requested lip piercings and sent me a reference pic for the tattoo


Tender Sha

Head mold: Tender Sha

Year completed: 2010

Owner: Liv

Painted by: airbrush

Request: red shadow, reddish lips, black brows

Additional notes: Liv requested ear piercings, red spots on the face, scars and had me do scarring on the body like in her reference pics below




Head mold: Soom Cuprit

Year completed: 2010

Owner: Lyderic

Painted by: airbrush

Request: teal brows, pink lips and teal shadow

Additional notes: Lyderic requested a slight lip mod, a lip ring, teal tipped ears and sent me referance pics for the tattoos.