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Porcelain baby doll

Head mold: Porcelain baby doll marked as ‘Joey’

Year completed: 2009

Owner: My family

Painted by: airbrush


Additional notes: One of my awesome Aunts got a box of porcelain doll parts for me at a sale somewheres because she knows I like dolls. There were lots of parts to various dolls in the box and when I pulled out these parts I knew just what I wanted to do with them. Ive wanted to paint a doll for my family to thank them for supporting me with my doll repainting over the years. I know my Mum prefers babyish featured dolls so I knew this would be perfect for them.

The dolls has been painted, body blushed and assembled by me.


This is the head as I recieved it. I had to sand the make ups off because they were done with china paints. Fortunatley the body blushing was done with pastels and came off pretty easily. The doll overall was blushed very red but I forgot to take before pics.


All sanded and ready to paint!