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Samara and my sweet cat Mina. RIP Mina. Mum loves you.

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Gabriel and Samara

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Pronunciation: sa-mar-ah

Age: 7

Gender: female

Date of arrival: April 9th 2002

Type: Volks MSD Sakura


About Samara: Samara was the daughter of one of the prostitutes at Satine’s brothel. Samara’s mother was murdered when she was only a few months old. When Samara’s mother found out she was pregnant she made her dear friend Morrigan promise to protect her child if anything was to happen to her. She knew the man who was Samara’s father would try to take her child if he found out about her existence and he was a violent, horrible man. Eventually he did find out and that lead to the argument that got Samara’s mother killed. Morrigan, livid about her friends murder, did the only thing she could think of to protect Samara. She gathered a group of her mourning colleagues and cornered the man in a back alley. They beat him to death.

Morrigan and many other people that live and work in Mayfair Manor help raise Samara. Samara knows she had a mother once but she now considers everyone at Mayfair Manor her family. She spends her time equally with each of her ‘family’ members. As bad an influence as Morrigan can be she tries her best to look out for Samara and teach her to be a good person. Samara knows Morrigan is not her mother but has taken to calling her "Mama Morrigan" to which Morrigan always smiles and laughs and calls Samara an obnoxious brat and then proceeds to tell her that she’s "far too young and beautiful to be anyone’s ‘Mama". She really finds Samara calling her this very sweet though.

In spite of everything Samara is your typical 7 year old. She has a very sunny disposition and is usually a very happy go lucky girl. She loves birds and having tea parties with Seven (who she views as her own personal living doll). Samara is a chatty sort of girl, always asking questions and getting into everyone’s business. She means well though. She likes to help people and make them happy. She’s often frustrated with the way Hyde treats Aiden (who she has a bit of a crush on) While usually a peaceful child Samara has been known to throw tantrums directed at Hyde. She usually ends up kicking and biting him and luckily for her Hyde finds this all very amusing and doesn’t do anything to her in retaliation.

Tasha’s comments: Samara is one of my first dolls. It took me a long time to bond with her because I found I don’t like child like dolls as much. Even though I wasn’t sure about her for the first few years I had her I love her now to bits!


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)

Decided to give Samara and updated look. She looks a bit more mature now.

Finally after many years Samara has a new face up! I liked the old one but I wanted to update her look with my airbrush. I gave her some light freckles across the nose this time too.


Samara’s current face up. I plan to redo her soon because she’s had this make up for quite a few years now. I like the general look of her current make up so I will try to keep it basically the same when I redo it but neater.


I liked Samara this was but my painting skills still were very poor at this point so I redid her pretty much the same but neater.


At the time I kind of liked this.


Her second face up. I didnt like it but my skills were really bad then too.


Samaras first face up. This was one of the first few face ups I ever did. I think the lips were particularly bad


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