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Satine and Snuffleupagus?

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Pronunciation: saa-teen

Age: 29

Gender: female

Date of arrival: April 9th 2002 (Nana13 version) March 24 2006 (Lishe version)

Type: Currently a beauty white Luts dreaming elf Lishe. Eyes were modded by me. Previously was a Volks Nana13 and for a very short time a CP Dark Human Soo.


About Satine: Satine and Aiden’s mother died shortly after giving birth to Aiden. Their father was a neglectful drunk and so Satine was responsible for raising not only herself but her younger brother. She learned early on how to make some money doing odd jobs and also how to manage that and the meager funds her father brought home. If Satine’s father had not had that moment of clarity in his drunkenness and let Satine take charge of the household they all would of, undoubtedly, been homeless and starving. By the time Satine was 16 she’d had enough of getting through life by the skin of her teeth. She wanted more. She gathered her and Aiden’s few possessions, some money and food and left home.

This hard start and Satine’s own drive is what made her the successful, rich and well respected business woman she is now. She is the Madame of a brothel and runs a club for Hyde. On the surface she is very lady like. Soft spoken, intelligent and polite, she is quite different than the girls she manages. Even though she comes off as very demure Satine is cunning and a very good business woman. Men respect her ability’s the same as they would another man, even inviting her to men only events and discussions. A rare thing indeed in their world.

Many men have fallen for Satine over the years but even though she runs a brothel she would never sell herself for money. She is actually in love with Hyde. He was the one that helped her become what she is today and she works closely with him on a daily basis running the businesses. She is extremely jealous of the relationship her brother has with him and regrets introducing the two. She hopes that one day Hyde will realize that he is ment to be with her.


Tasha’s comments: I ordered Satine at the same time I ordered Samara. I didn’t have any background story in mind before I bought Satine like I usually do with my dolls. I wasn’t sure what her look would be either and it look me many repaints, a few name changes and a couple of head mold changes to get to really like Satine and get a feel for her character.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


I gave Satine a new face up with my airbrush. I soft modded her eyes a little smaller for a more sexy look.


I always thought a Lishe would be perfect for Satine. When I first got this Lishe I had Satine as the Nana13 so I didn’t need a Satine so the Lishe became Sekhmet for a while. After a while I found a better doll for Sekhmet so Lishe finally got to be Satine. Im definitely happy with Satine’s old Nana13 head being a boy and the Lishe being Satine!


Satine transformed into a different doll! A CP Dark Human Soo. I had repainted Satine (the Nana13 version) as a boy intending her to cosplay as Harry Potter for a short while but as soon as I put her head on that boy body I knew shed be staying as a boy. I got this DHS to replace Satines Nana13 body but she wasnt quite the right look for Satine.


Untill this repaint I hadn’t really like Satine but I think I figured out her personality with this look.


She looks pretty drag queen-ish like this.


I was experimenting with this. It didn’t last long because I hated it.


At the time I kinda liked her like


Satine’s started life as a Nana13. This was her first faceup. I wasnt sure what I wanted her to look like at this point so she was a mess

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Satine & Hyde

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Valtiel & Satine

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