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Pronunciation: sev-in (like the number 7)

Age: Physically looks about 8, is mentally about 5. In reality is about 50 years old.

Gender: Genderless but usually dresses as a male

Date of arrival: April 4th 2003

Type:LE MSD Mika with soft modded eyes (made smaller) The body also has been made genderless and the hands sanded to loose their chubbiness.


About Seven: Seven is a type of artificially intelligent robot doll. Mentally he acts like a very quiet and shy 5 year old. He doesn’t understand most human emotions but he’s quite curious about them. Since he only has a simple understanding of most things it’s very easy to get Seven to do what ever you want. Samara has decided to take it upon herself to educate Seven about the emotions and ways of real humans. However she has a bad habit of dressing him as a girl and ending up making him more confused than he already was.

Seven was one of the first artificially intelligent robot dolls made by a contractor working for The Midnight Society. Its uncertain what the robots were created for but the project was abandoned early on and the prototypes destroyed. Somehow Seven (named Seven because of the serial number on his chest) was the only doll to stay functioning. The Midnight Society however was not aware of this fact.

Samara was the one to discover Seven lying in a trash pile. She decided to take him home to play with. Much to her delight and surprise Seven turned on and has been functioning ever since. Samara mothers Seven quite a bit, usually leading him around the manor teaching him things. Morrigan has a great deal of fun making him do stupid things for a laugh. Samara often ends up screaming and yelling at Morrigan, sometimes kicking her in the shins for teaching him something bad.


Tasha’s comments: It look me about 6 years to actually like this doll. I liked his character but didn’t feel that Mika was right for him. After this latest repaint though and puttying his eyes a bit smaller hes grown on me a lot!

Even though Seven is more boyish than girlish I am very glad I didn’t get him as an MSD Ken. I like the fact that his body is more feminine looking than masculine.


Previous Incarnations

(most recent to oldest)


This is Sevens current look. I think this is the first time Ive been really happy with him. I puttied his eyes smaller and made him look worried and I think he looks so cute!


Seven’s second faceup. I wasnt really into it but he looked like this for a long time because I just didn’t feel like redoing him.


This is Sevens first faceup as Seven. For a short while he was, and was painted as, a girl before the character Seven formed in my mind.




Samara & Seven